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Welcome to our adventure village and Ramkvilla - the jewel of Småland. Here you are welcome with friends, family, co-workers and school class. Paddle canoe in the lake Klockesjön, bring your friends on a bachelor- or bacheloretteparty, challenge in a pentathlon or play football golf with your family. Experience Småland with bike on dirt roads and work on group dynamics in one of many teambuilding activities. We have a broad selection of activities, all based in our beautiful nature. If you only want to relax and enjoy we recommend a swedish fika in Café Mangelboden where all of our cookies and cakes are homemade or a nature experience in one of our wilderness spas. 


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Wilderness training

A day of training and pleasant company.

For our wilderness trainingsessions we gather for an introduction of all participants before working hard after own ability.

The day is finished of by a muscle relaxing bath in our big wilderness spa.



Romantic night on private island

A private island

A house

One room

Surrounded by amazing nature and accompanied by your beloved. The attention is focused on the beauty all around you.


Småland by Kayak and mountainbike

Experience Småland from the water and from its sinuous dirt roads. By kayak you come close to nature and can explore bays and islands with visits or picnics wherever you wish. 

With our well-endowed mountainbikes you will cleave by both dirt roads and narrow lanes of the middle-swedish forrests. Our close-by areas are clipped and it is possible to find many different vantage points.


Culture Hiking in Ramkvilla

Småland is filled with traces from previous generations.

We help you out on a hike where you get to se the traces of old industry, mines, settlements and our beautiful småland nature.

We tell the story of the village, Ramkvilla, and treat you with locally produced foods.

Welcome to Ramkvilla - the jewel of Småland!


Crayfishing for family

Crayfishing in the waters of Småland

You do everything from baiting with fish and putting down the cages to sorting the crayfish.



Wilderness conference

When your put creativity and group development first!

Unique conference environment, groupbuilding activities, tasty food and relaxing bath. These are the head components of the wilderness conference.




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with ramoa as a base, you have småland around you!