Wilderness training

We gather in the tentipi to be served a refreshing smoothie while all participants get to introduce themselves to the group. A short jogg will get everyone warmed up before it is time for the first training session where we pair up, two and two, for fun exercises in pairs. After finishing the first workout lunch is served in the Timberroof and a moment of rest is offered before excersice session two starts with tabata. You will feel comfortably exhausted afterward, and you will be able to take a shower and change before regathering in the timberroof for an energy rewarding dinner.

To finish the evening we let the muscles warm up and relax during a bath in the wooden heated bathtub and sauna. The best experience of our wilderness spa is achieved when combining the warmth with a dip in the lake "Klockesjön".


1 295kr


  • Forenoon smoothie
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Pair excercises
  • Tabata excercises
  • Time for rest or a jogg
  • Wilderness spa