Café Mangelboden & Timmertaket


Café Mangelboden, located in the adventure village, serves cookies, cakes and drinks with a nice view over the lake called klockesjön. Welcome by for a moment of relaxation and really tasty, localy roasted coffee. In the café we also serve lunch, from a simple and light menu.


We are always open for bookings
Ramoa: +4670-57 58 220  



To our events and groups we serve food in the Timmertak ("the timberroof") and the meals are preordered from the menu below the headline "Grill & Food". We work with booked groups all seasons of the year and often the cuisine works as part of the activities where the groups are gathered around the grill, barbequing together. Have a look at our menu at Grill & Food if you wish to order food for a group. More simple meals can be purchased in Café Mangelboden without preordering.