How do i get to the adventurevillage?

My car

The easiest way to get to the adventure village is by car. Our adventure village is situated between Vetlanda and Växjö, in the middle of Småland, sweden. You can write Ramoa Adventure Village into your GPS or Ramkvilla which is our closest village. In Ramkvilla there are signs to the adventure village (2 km). Distance to the adventure village from some locations:

Vetlanda 37 minutes, 36 km

Växjö 48 minutes, 51 km

Jönköping 1 h 38 minutes, 109 km

Gothenburg 3 h, 250 km

Malmö 3h 20 minuter, 258 km

copenhagen 3 h 47 minuter, 292 km

Stockholm 4 h, 376 km

by plane

Växjö Smaland Airport is our closes airport. It is also possible to fly to Kalmar, Jönköping, Gotheburg, Copenhagen or Stockholm Skavsta and rent a car for the last part of your travel. Distance from airports to the adventure village:

Växjö Smaland airport: 49 minutes, 57 km

Kalmar airport: 1h 36 minutes, 117 km

Jönköping airport: 1h 38 minutes, 115 km

gothenburg Landvetter airport: 2h 46 minutes, 228 km

copenhage Kastrup airport: 3 h 30 minutes, 287 km

Stockholm Skavsta airport: 3h 18 minues, 278 km


by train

If you wish to travel by train to the adventure village you take the train to Växjö or Vetlanda. There are a couple of busses per day passing Ramkvilla from those locations. From Ramkvilla there are 2 km to the adventure village. I you choose this option you can contact us for pick up in Ramkvilla.


when is the adventure village open?

We offer prebooked activities all year around. We have staffing in our café, which also works as reception for your arrival. Opening hours at Café Mangelboden are generally 10-18 from the middle of may to the middle of september. Se more exact dates and times under the tab Café and grill. During summer (june-aug) we are open daily between 10:00-17:00 o'clock.

Do i need to book my experience?

Some activities need preparations and therefore have to be booked before arrival. Other activities are possible to do whenever if time and staff is available. Activities that don't have to be prebooked are football golf, biking, kayaking, canoeing and having a swedish fika or simpler meals in our Café Mangelboden. If you are up for a spontaneous adventure it is just to come by to see whats available. Mostly we do recommend that you book your experience in advance if you want to know for certain that you will be able to carry out your desired activities. Packages and activities that does not demand booking are notifyed in the description of these activities at our website. If you are uncertaion if prebooking is a requirement you can always call us at +4670-5758220 or email us at


what should i bring?

We carry out all activities outside and with the right clothing your experience will be good no matter the weather. It is important to pick clothes for moving in. If there is risk for rain you should bring clothes for this purpose. A pair of sneakers works for most of our activities. If you are to have an activity on the water we recommend that you bring a change of clothes. Don't forget your bathing suit if you are to join an experience including the wilderness spa. A small memory checklist before your adventure:

Packing checklist

Clothing that are flexible and hardy for outdoor activities. Might get dirty.

Good shoes, appropriate for activity, usually sneakers or hiking boots.

Rainclothing if risk for rain.

Warmer clothing including mittens and hat if your activity takes place during colder seasons.

A Change of clothing if you need to change after unintetional bath or heavy rain.

Beachwear if your activity includes wilderness spa or occurs in summertime.

Bedlinnen including towel if you are staying the night with selfservice.


what happens if there is bad weather?

We always go through with our booked activities no matter the weather, with the sole exeption of lightning. With the appropriate clothing a residence outdoors is usually a pleasant experience, even in bad weather. If lightning strikes we cancel the activities that takes place by or at the water, unless it is very brief in which case we postpone the schedule and wait for a change in the weather. If we do cancel because of the weather you are of course offered 100% reimbursement or a change of date.



can i bring my dog?

We welcome dogs in the adventurevillage and allow dog in the accomodation of our cottages. We do however demand that the dog is kept in a leash if other people are present near by.


is there wifi in the adventurevillage?

Yes, we have fiber connection with wireless internet in our Café Mangelboden. Access to the wifi is free. At a conference in the adventurevillage we see to it that you have a good connection in our tentipi where multiple of our conferences take place.


how long time does my booked experience take?

When you book an experience with us we estimate how long time the entire event will take. We always write approximately how long time an activity takes in the info on our website. The times are based on experience of other groups. There are naturally a variation between different groups and different people, and non guided activities can vary a lot in timescale. See our timeframes as a generall timescale for an average group. When it comes to the wilderness spa we make sure that everything is prepared when you arrive and thereafter the spa is yours to use for as long as you would like. You take over responsability for continuous heating of tub and sauna once you arrive.



Is a guide joining me on my activity?

Depending on what activity you choose there might or might not be a guide available to lead your activity. It appears in the description of the activity which activities are led by a guide/leader. If a guide is included it is to instruct, keep timeframes and suppor you during the activities that requires this. The guide has the relevant education and knowledge about the activity that he/she is leading.



how physically demanding are the activities?

Our experiences cover a broad spectum of everything from total relaxation to more physically strenuous bikerides with mountainbike or a session of wilderness training for example. Most of our activities are available for anyone with a normal physique. It does not demand any special equipment and are rarely heavy enough to work up a pulse. The exeptions are the wildlife race, the wilderness training, MTB and kayakpaddling where you can raise you pulse more or less if you want to.



Can i visit the adventurevillage with disabilities?

In the adventure village you transport on dirtroads of pebbles and mowed lawns. This means that we can welcome people with walker and wheelchair. We have marked steps with "high-visability tape". There is a ramp to the café and we have one disability adapted toilet. There are activities possible to participate in even from a wheelchair. If you have more questions about what activities that are appropriate for poeple with disabilities we will be happy to help, contact us at +4670-5758220 or via email at



conditions for cancelling a booking

We reserve activities and accomodation for you which gives us a limited opportunity to take other bookings.

Cancelling after boked and confirmed order is charged with 20% of the total cost.

Cancelling less than 48 hours before booked experience is charged with 50% of the total cost.

Cancelling less than 24 hours before booked experience is charged with 100% of the total cost.



Can i visit the adventure village without booking an experience?

Yes you are welcome to visit the adventurevillage even if you don't have a booked experience. There are multiple activities possible to do without prebooking and we serve homebaked cookies and cakes, some light meals and really tasty locally roasted coffee in Café Mangelboden - the smallest café in sweden.


how can i pay if i have not booked in advance?

In our small café that also works as a reception there is a cash register where you can pay with swedish cash or different cards (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro)



Is it possible to grill own food that i brought?

We have multiple benches and tables in the adventurevillage to be used for booked groups. If these are not taken/booked it is possible to use these to grill personally broght food. It is possible to buy burgers , bread, charcoal and more in the café if you would like to grill on your own or with your friends. You need to book a grill and a table to be certain to have access.



Can i bring drinks?

We always serve alcoholfree drinks to our experiences including food. If you would like other drinks while at an experience in the adventurevillage it is possible to bring your own drinks. The only requirement about alcoholic drinks is that you can't use it before an activity at the water or before a pentathlon. In the big wilderness spa there is a small fridge for storage of drinks for this activity.


How do you ensure that your business is sustainable?

We are connected to the municipal water and draining system and our waste is collected by the municipal agency. We sort our waste and expect our visitors to do the same with your waste. There are a couple of sortingstations in the adventurevillage and our cottages have red and green bags for sorting waste under the sink.

 combustible (red bags)

 compost (green bags)



 recykling for PET and cans

We encourage our groups to coordinate transportations for least possible liability on the environment in adherence to arrival and departure. We buy most of ou groceries at the local store "Puttes Lanthandel" to favour the local business and reduce environmental strain by transportation. We actively search for local producers of everything from food, work clothing, equipment and other material things. We believe in mutually taking resposability for the environment and our local producers and close by economy.