Småland by Kayak and mountainbike

You arrive to the adventure village by afternoon/evening to be welcomed with dinner in Café Mangelboden. Before going to bed in your crofters cottage you might heat up our wooden heated sauna and enjoy a dip in the lake. After breakfast, prepared with groceries placed in your fridge, it is time to take the map and paddle away in the waters of Klockesjön with a lunchbagin the luggage. Once back in the adventurevillage you will be able to enjoy a grilldinner before you end the day with another visit to the warm sauna.

After breakfast the second day you will be equiped with mountainbikes, lunchbag and a map over the surrounding pathways and roads. You have the entire day to explore Småland with woods, paths and mines withing reach. 


3 995kr


  • Kayak K1 alt K2
  • Breakfast in cottage
  • 2 st Lunchbaskets
  • 2 st dinners
  • Sauna
  • Mountainbikes
  • Accomodation in crofters cottage
  • readymade beds and departure cleaning