Wilderness conference

24 hours with creativ and natural environment for your conference. You will get to spend time together as a group during several activities like common cooking over open fire, adventure orientation in teams, wilderness spa with a cooling dip in the lake Klockesjön as well as cooperative practices and more. You have access to our tentipi for your conference, but there are planty of other creative environments as well, such as the timberroof with long tables or stubble-conference by the lakeside. In the evening we rearrange the tentipi to a place for your sleepover for up to 16 participants. For more beds we make up the crofters cottages. Foods, activities and bedlinen are included. The only things you have to bring is the creativity and the joy.


4 295kr


  • Lunch x2
  • Dinner
  • AM- & PM-fika
  • 3 st teambuildingactivities
  • Wilderness spa
  • Sleepover in readymade tentipi
  • Breakfast