Crayfishing for family

Welcom to fish for crayfish in the adventure village

When you arrive we brief you on the concept of fishing crayfish and you get lure, crayfish cages and access to boat.

We tell you about the crayfish and where to put the cages. You prepare the cages and row out on the lake to put down 4 cages per person. After putting down the cages you have access to one of our grills to have a barbeque and spend some time together. There are also other activities to be explored during your wait for the crayfish to crawl in to the cages. If you want the best of experiences in crayfishing we recommend you to spend the night and pick up the cages by morning.





  • Lure
  • 4 cages per person
  • access to boat
  • access to grills and table