What is the wildlife race?

The Wildlife race takes place in Ramkvilla, in the mittle of Småland. For the fifth year in a row we arrange the wildlife race in the surrounding areas of the adventure village. 4 or 8 km of running in mud, forrest and grazing and lake. 20/40-obstacles of varying complexity factor to overcome.

See the movie from 2015 wildlife race


course of wildlife race 2018


 Saturday 12th of oktober

 First start by 10:00

new starts every 15 minutes

New from 2017 -  wildlife longrun!

Run as many laps as you possibly can until the last starting group has begun running.

Those who start in the first group, 10 o'clock, will run until the last starting group has started. How many laps on the course can you do? 50 places in the category wildlife longrun are available. Runners in this class are allowed to start a new lap until the start of the last starting group. Thereafter, the longrun-runners have to finish their race with the end section of the race through the adventure village. We account for the last starting group to start between 11:30 and 12:30.

How many laps can you manage?


Categories 2018:

Herr 4 km (male)

Dam 4 km (female)

Herr 8 km (male)

Dam 8 km (female)


Lag 4 km (team)

Lag 8 km (team)

U11 (youth)

U15 (youth)

U15 lag (youth team)

Familjeklass (family)




Warm up

When going out in nature it is best to be well warmed up!!🏋💪👍

15 minutes before every start we offer a common warm up by the parkinglot in the adventurevillage.




If you have questions or suggestions about the race you are welcome to contact us at



Welcome to challenge your friends and family in a really fun & dirty race in genuine swedish idyll!