Sunday 28th of april start 12:00 o'clock

The "Klockedoppet" is a charity race for team rynkeby and their fundraising for the childrens cancer fund


Welcome to a scenic 10k-run with an extraordinary finish

A dip in the lake klockesjön!

Furthermore you get to enjoy the feeling of contributing to a good cause

A circular race where you contribute to the fight against childrens cancer

"it is not about being the best. It is about becoming the best version of yourself"


By running 2018 annual "klockedoppet" YOU do a good thing!

Your contribution goes directly to Team Rynkeby God Morgon Växjös collection to the childrens cancer fund.


Swish 123 670 2369


Where and when

We start and finish in the adventurevillage and there will be markings along the course. The race is run at 6 km  of dirt road and 4 km of asfalt, through the great metropole Ramkvilla.

OBS! No waterstations by the course. Bring own waterbottle/waterbelt.

We will give out race numbers and register the time of your lap. While you run, we heat up the saunas for heating you up after your dip in the lake, that is manditory for your participation in the race.


Café mangelboden is open for you and for the friends & family that comes to cheer you on!


Sunday 28th of april 2019

start kl 12:00 for all categories



The race is free from participation fee to Ramoa

However, if you don't take the dip in the lake after the run, the minimum contribution to Team Rynkebys collection to the childrens cancer fund is 150 SEK

If you run the race and have a dip in the lake directly afterwards you get to decide for yourself how big of a contribution to the childrens cancerfund that you want to make

Swish: 123 670 2369

Everyone that makes a contribution of 200 SEK or more and shows a screenshot of this, will be served a free hamburger by the finishline


Race number are to be ficked up by the parkinglot in the adeventurevillage 30 minutes before start at the latest (11:30)


Link to registration will come soon


We assign you with race numbers shortly before the race. When you make your application you will therefore not be able to se your race number right away.


Results 2018

Publisched online for all categories here