We sell fishing cards and rent out boats for your experience.

Desireable for fishery in our waters are northern pike and the record is held at 16 kg.

The goal for most is to catch a more than 1 m northern pike.


We have 4 boats for rental and you can choose if you want with or without engine. There are both 4-strokes petrol and electric engines. For the complete fishery experience you can also rent a sonar if you wish.

There are readymade fishery-experiences under "packages" in the menu if you want to add accomodation and everything around.

Map of the lake can be found here.

Many of our groups choose to have a meal in association to the activities in the adventure village. In Café Mangelboden we serve swedish fika and light meals. For suggestions on what to order you can look at our menu here.



A nice summer day! Bring the family and sit down by the reedy shore and angle for perch. We have boats and lifevest for rental. Simple fishing-rods can be bought in the adventure village if you don't have your own equipment.


Guided fishery day

We arrange for a fishery guide if you want the best tips to increase your chanses of getting the catch you want. When you rent a fishery guide the boat, guide and a picnic basket with fika is included. You can choose between 4 hours or an entire day of 8 hours. Contact us if you are interested and we will put together the perfect fishery experience for you;