Wilderness night

Welcome to have fun in the adventure village, where everyone gets to join. You are welcomed by checking in to the tentipi where the students sleep on their own brought bedrolls and sleeping bags. Sometimes even grown-ups get to sleep in the tentipi, but if not there are crofters cottages for more calm accomodation. After that we get going eith information, division into teams and the the first activity, cooperation practices! After a quick swedish fika the students have some free time before football golf. The hunger is settled by grilling burgers and thereafter it is usually a hurry down to the wooden heated sauna and bathingtub, and for games in the lake. Three kayaks stands to your disposal. Attendant parents decide of rules for using kayaks, with support from us of course.

What comes next might be the coziest, to hang out in the tentipi before the students pass out of exhaustion. We start day two with breakfast in the timberroof and continue with a tournament of human table football. There is also tome for a dip in the lake and some games before finishing of the wilderness night with hot dogs, packing and departure. Requires parents participation during cooking, making of fires and more.


1 585kr/p


  • Lunch
  • Hamburgergrilling
  • Breakfast
  • Cooperative practices
  • Football golf
  • Human Table Football
  • Sleepover in tentipi with own sleepingbag and bedroll
  • Wilderness spa
  • Kayaks
  • paddle boat