Large wilderness spa

Startfee 1900 kr

Our large wilderness spa is located directly by the shore with 90 m2 wooden deck in two levels around the tub. Over the lake Klockesjön the wooden deck proceeds to a dock to easily take you out to the refreshing waters with varying depths. The sauna can accomodate up to 15 people and the hot tub is made for 16 people. 

The sauna has windows towards the bathing tub and to the dressing room so that you have contact with the entire group undependable of if they are sitting in the sauna, the bathing tub or relaxing in the changing room.

In the large wilderness spa there is a stereo to play music from a USB-drive if you would like to bring your own music. Speakers are placed both inside and outside. If you bring your own beverages to this spa experience you are able to put these in a small fridge located in the changing room.

Private dressing room, common for ladies/gentlemen and custom is to let the ladies change first. If you prefer separate changing rooms we have a showerhouse ready since the season of 2010.

Many of our groups choose to have a meal in association to the activities in the adventure village. In Café Mangelboden we serve swedish fika and light meals. For suggestions on what to order you can look at our menu here.





  • Bath tub (16p) heated and ready
  • wooden heated sauna
  • Towels
  • Stereo
  • wine fridge
  • Private dressing room
  • dock with depths for diving
  • Hole in the ice for winterbathing