Forest sleepover in hammock

In forest sleepover in Hammock you first arrive to the adventure village where you leave you mean of transportation. You will be handed a map where the placing of your Hammocks are marked. Following is a 2 km walk to get to the location of your stay.

Your Hammocks are suspended between two trees with a view over "Jansanissagölen" - a beautiful bus small, 3 ha pond.

The Hammock has an integrated mosquito net and a tarp to protection from rain. Inside the Hammock is an inflated camping mattress for sleeping on, that also protects from cold. For your comfort, there is also a warm and cosy bedroll with sheets and a regular pillow with pillowcase to give you a good night sleep. Also the Hammock is adjustable and therefore easy to change beetwen horisontal sleeping position and a more upright position to sit comfortable for a cosy evening, enjoying nature. 







Assembly of hammock