Cooperation practice

Cooperation practices are tasks to be solved together in a group somewhere on the adventure village area. Everything is timed and it is important to cooperate to succeed. 

We begin with dividing into teams where we strive to be 4 persons per team. Therefore it is good to be a total of at least 8 people. After the teams are ready the instructions of your tasks follow, held by a leader who will guide you through the activity by helping you with difficulties, keeping times and push you to do your best.

At this activity we usually se the competitive instinct growing, even where it is least expected. 

The activity is finished by going through the results together. 

A very pleasant extra touch to this activity is to round it off by gathering around the grill and having a meal from our menu.





  • ca 2 h activity
  • Instructurguided during the entire activity
  • groupsactivity, 8-10 tasks