Luxury evening with interaction

Why not honor the bride/groome with a really nice and fun evening together?

At a luxury evening with interaction you are welcomed by a really tasty swedish fika with our own middle-sweden coffee, homebaked cakes at long tables under our timberroof ("Timmertaket") or at the wooden deck by the lake. We instruct you in the component activities of the cooperation practice, where the goal is to manage a game of cooperative activities in teams of four. After well performed cooperation our grills are lit and you grill marinated tenderloin and chorizo. To this we serve potato gratin, sallad, bread/butter and drinks.

After dinner you will be served coffee along with a homebaked cake, finishing off the evening in 40-degrees celsius water in the big wilderness spa including a wooden heated sauna for up to 18 persons. You get to stay for as long as you wish to enjoy the evening at its fullest.

Min 10 persons.


1 595kr


  • Fika
  • Grilldinner
  • Cooperative practices
  • Wilderness spa