Small Wilderness spa

Startfee: 1200 kr

Our small wilderness spa fits best for the smaller group. The sauna accommodates 4 persons and the bath tub up to 10 persons. Here you can pick between combining the sauna and the bath tub or using solely one or the other!

The small wilderness spa is located with a beautiful view over the lake Klockesjön and with access to your own bridge deck. The water is shallow and when you take a dip in the lake you need to walk a bit out before getting to deeper waters.


For the prepareing before and cleaning afterwards you have access to changing rooms and close to the spa and the lake for a refreshing dip. Beside the sauna and the bath tub you have a lounge groupe to relax, hang out and have something to eat or drink if you wish. We always change the water and clean the bath tub between groups and we use chemical free water from the lake to refill the tub.

This is the place for you who wishes for a simple bath close to nature with as few disturbances as possible. Ahead of you lies the lake, Klockesjön, and behind you is to road to take you around the lake if you would like to go for a walk before your relaxation. 10 km on dirt roads in simple terrain. .

If you appreciate some more comfort, stereo, a fridge for your beverages, private changing room and a dock to dive from you should have a look at our big wilderness spa. Naturally luxurious!

Many of our groups choose to have a meal in association to the activities in the adventure village. In Café Mangelboden we serve swedish fika and light meals. For suggestions on what to order you can look at our menu here.





  • Bath tub heated and ready
  • Wooden heated sauna
  • Towels
  • Access to changing rooms