Giant cot

Readymade beds and proximity to nature. Experience a good nights sleep with your group where you reflect upon the events of the day in the heat of our stone heater. In the morning you hear the singing of the birds and you awaken slowly with a smile on your face. You sleep comfortably on a specially designed wooden deck where we have made your beds with mattresses and bedlinen. Under the cold seasons of the year the beds are made with Haglöfs winterdesigned sleepingbags with sheets inside.

In the giant cot is a wooden deck built in a circle, with a heater in the mittle for a nice and comfy atmosphere. Access to power outlets are available, aswell as electrical lights. The cot is placed upon a timber framework and there is an entrance alley with a door. In direct association to the cot is a buildning with toiletts, showers and changing rooms. Maximum quantity: 16 people, with readymade beds

The giant cot can also be booked for sleepovers where you bring your own bedrolls and sleepingbags. With 70 cm wide bedrolls there is place for up to 24 people in the cot. Maximum quantity: 24 people with own sleepingarrangements

The cot can be equiped with a projector and appuretenant screen and can then also be used as conference room.


Add-on options

Accomodation with personally brought bedroll/sleepingbag (min 16 people)
180 SEK
Rent only mattress (If you forget a bedroll) 50 SEK
Breakfast in Café Mangelboden 120 SEK





  • mattress, pillow
  • bed sheet
  • sleeping bag/ bed linnen
  • towel