Children under 7 years play for free, 7-15 years 40 kr

9 holes where you play with one ball per person. The goal is to get the ball into the hole with as few kicks as possible. The holes in the ground are marked with golf flags. 

An activity that suits people of all ages.


  1. The ball is kicked with your feet
  2. The ball is placed behind the markings at the tee. A cone can be used on tee.
  3. The ball is kicked from the place it is laying on the course.
  4. The ball should be still when kicking.
  5. At an obstacle the ball can be moved backwards in the flagline. Duty one kick. By hole 1 and 2 on the course it is allowed to make a throw-in when the ball lands in water or moving backwards is not possible. Duty one kick.
  6. You are allowed to remove the flag that marks the hole.
  7. Maximum amount of kicks = pair + 10 




  • ca 1 h activity
  • ball
  • record and pencil