Adventure orientation

An adventure orientation takes place on land and afloat.

We have placed 40 positions in and around the lake Klockesjön. The team uses their own mobile phones GPS to find these positions. With three hours to dispose you will not be able to find all the positions but choose strategically. Maximum score is about 600 points. When the team comes within 10 meters from a marked position you will get a task/question to solve on the reader, do it corectlly and points will be given. What route will you choose and which questions can you manage to solve?

Many of our groups choose to add a meal in association to the activities in the adventure village. Our cafe serves fika and light meals. We happily arrange picknick baskets for your trip if you wish. For suggestions on what to order look here.




  • Vehicle for lake or after demand (canoe,kayak, boat)
  • Nature experience
  • Fika at result briefing