The forest adventure

In the forest adventure you get to spend time together while enjoying and exploring nature. You stay will be comfortable in one of our crofters cottages where you can cook and readymade beds are included. Your focus should be on fellowship. We gather in Timmertaket ("the timberroof") for a welcoming dinner and your guide will go through the setup for your 3-day long adventure. The first day starts of with a forenoon of forestrial knowledge, learning about like lighting fires, carving, the Right of Public Access, trees, animals and fishes. Thereafter we together make lunch in the woods. After lunch it is time for a hike to the pond "Jansanissagölen" where you get to practice your newly acquired skills, making a fishing-rod, fishing and making a fire. By evening, after returning to the adventurevillage, you will be able to relax in our wilderness spa before you gather in the cottage to make dinner. Day two you will be equiped with an e-book reader that will guide you on a mine adventure in Hörnebo slatemine. The third day you get to make an excursion of you own choice in some part of the woods or possible to one of the islands in Klockesjön. A rowboat stands to your disposal. 


6 495kr/p

barn (7-15 ):

4495 kr


  • Accomodation in crofters cottage
  • Readymade beds
  • Departure cleaning
  • Arrival dinner
  • Concluding dinner
  • Foodpackage for self-service preparing of breakfast
  • Lunch in the woods
  • Dinner day 2
  • Fire striker
  • Carving knife
  • Make your own fishing-rod
  • Wilderness spa
  • Adventure orientation
  • Fishing
  • Rowboat